Wumpus Finding

From Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, this is the proverbial man-finding-gold-while-avoiding-wumpuses assignment. It is example of agent based reasoning.

319 Assignment 1 [ZIP]

Water Jug

Another classic from Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, this is two assignments in one. These two applications explore how decision trees are used to solve problems.

319 Assignment 2 [ZIP]


This is the main project that you need to do get any sort of Computer Science degree from my Alma Mater. This is a complete game, utilizing that old Alpha-Beta Pruning of Decision Trees trick for the computer's intelligence. I would love to attack this with a graphical suite that actually worked. Note the Pascal.

Advance! [ZIP]

CLIPS Football

Using NASA's second most famous language, CLIPS, this application allows you to play a perfect game of football. Provided you know how to throw a perfect spiral.

CLIPS Football [ZIP]

Simple Media

Lets say that you have a bunch of... files. Let's call them MP3 files. And a lot of burnt CDROMS. And a very small hard drive. How are you going to know where to find all those Johnny Cash songs? Well, you download a bunch of open source projects (Perl, Apache, mySQL, and PHP), fire up a text editor, and write this... It includes a perl script that reads MP3 tags to automatically update the database.

Simple Media [ZIP]

Winamp Plug-in

Not ready for primetime, but I am currently working on making an interactive OpenGL visualization project for Winamp. Right now, there's a throbbing box, and mouse interaction hidden within.

Winamp Plugin [ZIP]

C64 Basic - Tetris II

Basic Programming. Commodore 64. ASCII Graphics. 12 Year kid with something to prove. Tetris with 5 block sized shapes -- this is the first major program I wrote back in the early 90s. For better or worse, this is where it all began.

Tetris II (Annotated!) [HTML]
Tetris II [TXT]