Software Engineering II -- Assignment 1

Two questions are answered here: Is C++ a specification language, and what problems did you have in Software Engineering I's major project. An ER diagram is thrown in for good measure.

Software Engineering II -- A1 [PDF]

Z specification of a Version Control System

A fifteen page document describing the Z specification of an version control system whose objects are rasters used to describe a house.

Z Specification for Version Control System [PDF]

In Defence of the SDMI

This is a link to a Google Groups article I wrote back in 1999. Right at the same that Shawn Fanning was writing Napster, I wrote this essay for a Computer Science Ethics course. Of particular note is the quote "I believe that given the choice between maintaining the online contacts necessary to be allowed access to reliable sources of illegal music and buying the music from a legitimate source for a modest price, the choice made by the majority of the consumers will be clear". Not exactly prescient, but it does evoke a connection to what truly shook the music industry off its feet -- Napster.

The Benefits of the Secure Digital Music Inititative [LINK]