I took the Max/MSP workshop at Video Pool in the center of Winnipeg, an ended up coding this little critter here. He can be randomly controlled or you can record movements to be played back at a later time.

MAX / MSP Robot [LINK]

Harvest Time

Racing against the impending frost, this Case International 1460 Combine is doggedly unloading grain in the middle of a wheat field. The sun has just set, and the lights of the machinery cast a glow on a small portion of the vast field. This is a picture made using POV-Ray, an open source ray tracing studio.

Harvest [JPG]
Harvest Code [POV]

The Comprimising Couch

Shot during my last semester at school, this is a 16mm B&W film that I shot, wrote, produced, directed, and worked the Krasnogorsk camera for. Contained here is the original script and some scans of the actual negatives and story board. This was for extra circular credit, and was part of film making course at the University of Manitoba's Film Studies Program

Couch [LINK]